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How it works:

•   Artists email us to get 3 of my existring videos on 1 channel for free

•   Go here to buy better placement, more songs, even your own channel!

•   You'll get a share of audience donations in proportion to the number of videos

•   Another portion goes to a rotating list of charities

•   Grow the audience community by promoting it to your contacts

Submission Guidelines:

•   Original material only

•   Good recording quality

•   JamTheWire reserves the right to accept or deny based on content & quality

•   We will reject anything with e.g. hate speech, racism, excessive swearing

•   Also see our Terms and Conditions

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   Dan Zalles  

   Samantha Salvo Instagram @samanthasalvo_

Gregory Haddow:

The Outer Half    

The Wayward Monks

Kyle Smith:           

British Wire Gauge


The Thames Delta

Junkyard Pharoahs

Max Greenberg   

Contributing Musicians

Mix: Wolff

Rock:  British Wire Gauge

Instrumental:  The Wayward Monks:

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