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JamTheWire broadcasts videos from independent musicians only. Audiences get something new that's easy to access.  JamTheWire shares donations with musicians & charities.  Artists can increase the audience, raise everyone's profile & revenue potential by encouraging their fans to get on - and support - JamTheWire.

For Recording Artists: Getting exposure & making money is hard.  Paying to get on Spotify, iTunes, etc. means competing with Big Music; good luck!  Originals on YouTube, etc. only reach subscribers & live streaming mostly pays very little, & only while playing.

For Audiences: Music stations either have repetitive playlists from the same big-name artists or play what some algorithm decides you should hear.  Finding new, unsigned artists requires a lot of searching on the generic video web sites.

JamTheWire is different.  It broadcasts only independent artists' original videos on-line on multiple channels 24/7.  Bringing everyone's artists & fans together raises all artists' profiles & audience donations are shared with its musicians & charities.  It's a community that side-steps the music industry!  Artists can start for free while still getting their portion of any revenue & can pay for other options.

•   Always On:             Artists' music videos available 24/7  

•   Get Revenue:         Musicians share in audience donations

•   Let's Entertain:      Audiences instantly access diverse music channels

•   Let's Help Out:      Charities also benefit

•   Let's Grow:             Musicians & charities have incentives to promoting it

•   Get Recognition:   Audience sponsors can get their names up here

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